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When the game was finished they were the first team to get on the bus, When the other team got on the bus one team was crazy happy because they won, the other team ended in a tie so they were dumb happy and then the teams asked how they did and they said they lost 32-0, it was silince for a second then a boy started to chukle then it cought on and everyone in the bus was laughing, but then the couch said for the other teams to stay away from them. When they got to the school they were racing to get to the schoolbus, and tommorroww they were going to get there history partners. When Ed got to the school he saw on the bourd it said 32-0 , when the teacher got in the class Lucy Neblet asked what the numbers ment on the bourd, Ms.Applton didn't know but she said Ed semed to know, Ed eventually said tha it was there game score, someone started laghing then everyone started laughing then the teacher stoped the laughter. It was time for lunch, when they were at lunch a 8th grader gave Ed a note that said Mr.Lester wanted to see him. When he got there Mr.Lester said some stuff and said the he wanted Ed to be the team captain and then said why, when he got out of the office he thout he was going to be sick so he called and talked to Luced then talked to Saltz, then he said there were still some comfterble places in his life.
I liked this book because it was funny.It was funny because Greg tried to get a
Get dance partner