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   Every Hero Has A Story (Children)   
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Important Messages
Have fun reading this summer by playing our "Every Hero Has a Story!" summer reading game! To play just keep track of the time you spend reading on a special sheet and color a space each time your read for 20 minutes (or keep track on this site).
After completing 3 hours of reading bring your sheet in to get it stamped, put a marker on the board and get a small prize.
Repeat after completing each section. Online after 180, 360, 540 and 720 minutes logged. After completing 12 hours of reading you will receive a free paperback book, enter the raffle, for some larger prizes and receive a certificate.
Read anything that you want on your grade level, including books read for the Hamden public schools summer reading lists.
Kids who are not yet readers can log the time that they are read to.
Program ends August 14.
Disney's the Aristocrats
O'Malley n friends to the rescue.....O'Malley the super hero