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Summer Reading 2015 will officially begin on Monday, June 22. You may begin logging your books on Tuesday, June 23. Be sure to check our website and Facebook page for our Calendar of Events. A wide variety of programs have been scheduled for all ages.

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This summer we’re all about heroes…all kinds of heroes. Our reading theme is Every Hero has a Story. Many of you may be thinking superheroes. Yes, we’ll have plenty of super hero activities and programs, but who are our heroes in real life? Just take a look at your family, friends, neighbors and people in your community and we bet you’ll come across some amazing people who are heroes each and every day. Think of all of the people who are Doctors, Military, Firefighters, Veterinarians, Teachers, Police, EMTs, Therapists, Nurses and Volunteers, just to name a few. We’d like you to think about what type of hero you would like to be. Who would you choose to help? What would you offer to help with? Could you get a group of friends together and think of a special project to work on together that would benefit others?

We thought, as heroes, it would be great to help support Lebanon’s Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Pantry this summer. Each time you attend a special event at JTL, we’re asking that you donate a canned good. If everyone participates at events throughout the summer, we’ll have made a substantial donation to the food pantry and helped our neighbors in need.

The Friends of JTL have donated funds to reward readers throughout the summer. Each week of the program the software will randomly draw names to receive an Amazon gift card. You have to be registered, actively borrow books from the library, read and record your books online to be part of this drawing. At summer’s end, top readers will also be recognized. We will send the Lebanon Schools our statistics of the number of books read and recorded prior to the start of school. Enjoy your summer and happy reading!

Julie the Rockhound
I loved this book and you will love this book too because it is so "diamondy."
The Day I Lost My Superpowers
I would cry if I lost my superpowers. My favorite part was when she was crying and her mom gave her a superpower kiss. My mom gives me magic kisses too!