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The more YOU READ, the more chances YOU have to WIN.
For every book you read and fill out an online form, you receive a ticket that you can place in any of the 4 GIFT BASKET drawings of your choice. Complete 4 books and you are automatically entered into the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING for an iPAD Mini!
In " The Diviners" by Libra Bray. Set in the 1920's a young woman named Evie moves to New York to live with her uncle, a man obsess with the paranormal. She however has a supernatural power that she tries to keep hidden. When a series of murders occur in the city, Evie knows she can help. But as more details keep coming, a darker truth is revealing
In "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, a young Shepard named Santiago leaves his occupation to find a hidden treasure, but he finds much more than that. This book has a lot of imagery and clever language that makes it relaxing but engaging to read.