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The more YOU READ, the more chances YOU have to WIN.
For every book you read and fill out an online form, you receive a ticket that you can place in any of the 5 GIFT BASKET drawings of your choice. Complete 4 books and you are automatically entered into the LIMO RIDE drawing. 1 middle school and 1 high school student will win a LIMO RIDE to the first day of school!
The Popularityu Paper #5 is an awesome book. I think 7th graders entering junior high would like this book. This book is about 2 girls, Julie and Lydia who are turning 13, they are entering 7th grade in junior high. They get instruments for their birthday, starting a band with their friends Roland and Jane.
TITLE:the secret life of ms. finkleman
AUTHOR:Ben H. Winter
REVIEW:I think this book is really good.I like the way the author made the story very interesting and there are no boring parts to is.