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   BAM! POW! READ! (Entering Grades K-1)       BAM! POW! READ! (Entering Grades 2-3)       BAM! POW! READ! (Entering Grades 4-6)       UNMASK! (Teens)       STAFF ONLY   
The program has not started yet but will begin on Saturday, May 30, 2015.
Important Messages
MONDAY, JUNE 22nd: Begin counting books read- only books STARTED on or after this date will count!

Prizes for Children Entering Grades K-1

Book Bag = 5 books
Paperback Book & Coupons for local businesses = 15 books total
Superhero Water Bottle = 30 books total
Raffle Basket Tickets = Earn 1 ticket for every 5 additional books read (10 ticket limit per child)
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